As of March 15th, 2020 due to Covid we have been operating a safe and delicious "to go" meal service with curbside pickup as well as delivery to continue to nourish and feed our community. We offer "family meal" every Tuesday and Thursday with a seasonal, "comfort" menu concept that allows you to "travel" the globe through food. We are committed to bringing you pleasure and joy during this unusual time.

1. Traditional Ligurian style Bucatini with clams, garlic, parsley and tomato. Roasted summer squashes with salsa verde (GF option too)
2. Fresh made chow mein noodles with market vegetables and  1 whole "shredded" chicken per order, gochujang "crack" sauce (vegetarian option)
3. Best lasagna ever (If you ordered it, then you know) with handmade noodles, pesto, Parm, San Marzano tomato and bechamel. (this actually feeds 6-8)

Whole Fish: 3 # local, wild catch of the day, saffron rice with market vegetables, eggplant with tomato and curry leaf oil

Whole Heirloom Chicken: Roasted and cut for you, grilled lemon salsa verde, quinoa and vegetable salad, roasted Jimmy Nardello peppers

Boneless Pork Shoulder: 5 spice braised pork shoulder, pickled daikon and carrot, lettuce wraps, crispy rice, cucumber and cilantro (Ssam-ish) (Vegetarian option available)

Imperial Farms Steak: Grilled with harissa and dill rub, potatoes with horseradish cream, slow cooked greens

Tostadas: Choose one protein: coriander and lime fish, OR adobo and orange chicken OR toasted cumin and tomato ground beef OR achiote marinated HodoSoy. Black bean puree, fresh pico, pickled red onion and tostadas (not limited to Tostada Tuesday but margs a must)

Grain Bowl: Brown rice with ginger and scallion sauce, Pork belly OR Hodo Soy tofu, green beans with miso and black sesame, crispy peanuts and pickles (can be nut free)

Grill Kits: ready for Tahoe or your own backyard: 1 # Stemple Creek burgers, brioche buns, heirloom tomato, cheddar and ketchup AND 1 # Italian sausage, summer peppers and onions, housemade herb mustard. Plus Brentwood corn salad with miso butter and chives

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