We are committed to serving our community and keeping everyone safe and connected this summer. We want our children to still be able to “meet up” and socialize with one another, learn new skills and have FUN, satisfying activities at home. Our live, hands-on cooking camps will build self-confidence and motivation while providing a few hours of independence and deliciousness each day.

Groups will be limited to fifteen children to ensure a highly personal and intimate camp. Our goal is to also create an affordable ($249 for the week) and low friction point of entry for ALL parents this summer. A concise and somewhat flexible ingredient list, recipe sheet and prep list will be sent to you well in advance of your child’s camp. If you prefer for greater ease, we can provide you with a fully stocked ingredient box ahead of time with a supplemental charge TBD. Siblings in the same household are welcome to participate in the same session for a significant discount, just ask.

You may sign up for an existing camp below or you can contact us to create your own private group with all of your child’s friends, classmates, cousins, etc.

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