Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: URBAN PICNIC


  • Watermelon “Greek” salad with crumbled Feta, Kalamata olives and tomato vinaigrette
  • Sweet corn and wild shrimp risotto with cherry tomatoes, baby basil and Parmesan
  • Chicken with house made BBQ sauce and mixed heirloom summer squashes
  • Brown butter cake with slow roasted peaches, mint and hazelnuts

We’re excited to start offering some Sunday afternoon cooking classes to mix it up a bit from the evening routine. In this class, we’ll focus on four dishes that are perfect for summer outings while ingredients are at their peak. Most of these dishes and all of their components can be prepped in advance which is crucial for a picnic. Watermelon is such a refreshing ingredient and here we replace the typical tomato to create a sweet, salty and savory version of a Greek salad. The acidity will come from a bright tomato and lime vinaigrette. This light summer risotto is probably my favorite one of the year. While I’m a huge fan of wild mushroom risotto in the winter or spring vegetable risotto, the combination of shrimp and corn is just hard to beat. It will be garnished with a cherry tomato, baby basil and chili oil salad which makes this dish really pop. Come learn how to make an incredible BBQ sauce from scratch. Though it takes more time then just buying a store bought brand, there is absolutely no comparison. Basted onto chicken legs and slow cooked, this dish is amazing and the flavors are complex. For dessert we’ll bake a nutty, vanilla flavored brown butter cake with slow roasted peaches.

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