Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: SUNDAY SUPPERS


  • Chilled corn soup with wild shrimp and chive flowers
  • Grilled corn, spinach and Shitake mushroom salad with Andante goat cheese and red wine vinaigrette
  • Dill and jalapeno marinated TriTip steak with corn and lime salsa
  • Sweet cornbread “strawberry shortcake” with vanilla ice cream

Whether you grew up in California or New Jersey, odds are you love corn. Who doesn’t? It’s perfect from the grill with some lime, salt and butter and at its peak you can just eat it raw. But we aren’t Cafe Gratitude (I love to make fun of that place), we are cooks so here is a four course menu using local sweet corn as the star ingredient. The chilled corn soup for the first course is so good that if we froze it and called it corn ice cream you’d believe it. Corn, shrimp and chives are a classic pairing (think shrimp and grits). Next is a fabulous summer salad where we put the corn on the grill to give it a nice smoky char. It goes perfect with the meatiness of cooked Shitake mushrooms and the rich goat cheese. We’ll make a warm vinaigrette by deglazing the pan that the Shitakes were cooked in and this will be just enough to wilt the spinach perfectly. I love to grill TriTip steak in the summer time and this cut of meat has so much flavor especially after being marinated in a jalapeno, dill, garlic and olive oil paste. The freshness of a corn salsa is perfect with the beef. Corn bread for dessert? Why not, it’s semi-sweet and with strawberries and vanilla ice cream it’s a creative riff on a strawberry shortcake. Did you ever use those funny little corn holders in your house when you were a kid? Whoever brings the funniest ones gets a free bottle of wine…

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