Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: SUMMER SUPPER

June 9, 2017

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Warm buttermilk biscuits with cherry tomato jam
  • Wild shrimp, sweet corn and avocado salad with purple basil and basil-chive sauce
  • Baked pasta with spicy sausage, slow roasted tomatoes and Bechamel
  • Mixed berries with almond, cinnamon and brown sugar “gratin” and vanilla cream

This class menu will get us all super pumped for cooking with the bountiful ingredients of summer time. Let’s start with learning how to make the lightest biscuits imaginable. Topped with gobs of this sweet and sour cherry tomato jam, this dish is awesome. Throw in some jamon or fried chicken and you can elevate this to heaven. Next is a shrimp salad, sorta. It’s more like a composed cold dish that features briny shrimp with smashed Brokaw avocados and sweet corn. My absolute favorite dish when lots of people are coming over is a baked pasta. With spicy sausage, oven roasted tomatoes and creamy Bechamel, it’s great for four people or fifty, kids and adults. And then the perfect summer dessert, a mix of as many varieties of summer berries as you can get your hands marinated and then baked with a nutty almond and brown sugar topping. This class is 4 hours, 4 courses and costs $165.

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