Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: SUMMER SUPPER


  • Eggplant agrodolce with capers, dried currants, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and grilled bread
  • Fresh fig salad with toasted hazelnuts, goat cheese mousse and raspberry and black pepper vinaigrette
  • Pan seared wild Halibut with summer corn salsa, cherry tomatoes, radishes and lime
  • Almond stuffed figs dipped in chocolate and sea salt

In this cooking class, we’ll capture some of summers best ingredients in a four course menu. Figs, eggplant, tomatoes, corn, wild Halibut…The first course is a classic Sicilian eggplant dish. The eggplant is cooked to perfection and it’s irresistible sweet and sour taste comes from tomatoes, onions, currants and Balsamic vinegar. For the salad figs will be sliced into different sizes and shapes resting on pillows of goat cheese mousse. The hazelnuts add a textural counterpoint to the soft figs and the raspberry vinaigrette will balance out the figs sweetness. For the main course we always use Alaskan halibut when cooking but local halibut when serving raw. The Alaskan halibut has much moe fat and therefore cooks up with more flavor and is juicier. It’s perfect with this sweet corn salsa. And for dessert we’ll be stuffing ripe figs with toasted almonds and then dipping them into melted Valrhona chocolate and garnishing with sea salt before we put them into the fridge to set up and form a thick chocolate shell.

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