Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: SPRING DINNER


  • Fava bean puree with Pecorino, fava leaf salad and grilled bread
  • Spring vegetable risotto with English peas, young carrots, baby artichokes and arugula flowers
  • Wild King salmon with asparagus two ways, pureed and shaved raw
  • Drunken Swanton strawberries soaked in Italian dessert wine

With the new season, comes a fresher and lighter cooking style. This San Francisco cooking class menu is inspired by spring time vegetables at the farmers market. Lots of bright green colors, young sweet flavors and tender textures. I’m always ready for spring time because I tire of winter vegetables and heartier braises after a few months. If I don’t see another squash until zucchinis come around I’ll be fine with that. This fava bean puree we teach you is a versatile and delicious spread that you’ll want to keep on hand in your fridge all season long. It’s flavored with mint, lemon and your best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can put in on sandwiches, use it as a sauce for fish and seared scallops or just eat it with cheese and crackers. It’s bomb! We make different risottos every season and along with the summer corn and wild shrimp one, this is my favorite. I like a light risotto that has finesse and clarity of flavor showing off the bright fresh spring flavors. This class will also be the start to our wild King salmon season. Just learning how to cook salmon properly so that it’s flesh is moist and the color is bright is worth the price of admission alone. Seeing this fish overcooked and dry year after year kills me. And dessert will feature Swanton Farms amazing strawberries and a few shots of strawberry infused Brachetto.

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