Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: SAUCES AND GLAZES

April 13, 2014

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Cherry mostarda, fromage blanc and crostini
  • Romesco sauce, roasted peppers, almonds and wild shrimp
  • Chicken demi- glace, mashed potatoes, pan roasted breast and spring peas
  • Creme anglaise, dark chocolate brownie cake

We’re long overdue for a sauce making class. Hopefully cherries will arrive on time so we can make this amazing fruit mustard. This is one of my all time favorite condiments for cheeses and roasted meats and every spring I make large batches to keep all year long. Romesco is a wonderful Spanish sauce with a deep, rich pepper flavor. It’s sweet from roasted red peppers, smoky from Pimenton and a touch spicy from chili flakes while the toasted almonds lend the sauce some texture. It’s perfect served with wild shrimp. The chicken glaze is a classic French reduction sauce, so concentrated and delicious. This really exemplifies the art of classic sauce making. And a vanilla creme anglaise for dessert.

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