Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: MEAT COOKING CLASS


  • “Izakaya style” Japanese chicken wings with honey-chile glaze and crushed peanuts
  • Slow cooked duck legs with duck fat potatoes, celery leaves and Dijon mustard vinaigrette
  • Pork carnitas with oranges, cinnamon, oregano and coca cola
  • Jasmine rice pudding with cognac soaked raisins and shaved dark chocolate

Most home cooks I meet always want to get more comfortable with cooking meat protein. This is the cooking class for you! We’ll cover three different cuts and cooking styles, the wings of a chicken, the legs of a duck and the shoulder of a pig. This is also a great opportunity to learn some delicious new dishes. Chicken wings are the best part of the bird, I don’t know a single chef that doesn’t love them. These are brined and lightly battered with rice flour then glazed with a sauce so addictive you’ll eat it by the spoonful. For the second course we’ll braise duck legs and render the fat to cook the potatoes in. We’ll lighten the dish up with a shaved celery and celery leaf salad and an acidic mustard vinaigrette to balance the richness of the dish. We’ll also learn how to make traditional Carnitas. When Mexican food is good, it’s as good as it gets. These Carnitas are ridiculous! And a fragrant Jasmine rice pudding for dessert with chocolate, raisins and booze.

Cooking Class



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