Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: KNIFE SKILLS: CHOP LIKE A PRO


  • Dice, julienne, brunoise, batonete, tournee, fresh herbs
  • Introduction to butchery: whole fish and poultry
  • Learn to sharpen, hone and maintain your knives
  • Cook a great four course seasonal menu with our cuts

Our knife skills class is for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned home cook, you can always improve your knife skills. Prep work is unavoidable prior to cooking and the better your knife skills are, the more efficient you can be in the kitchen. This makes a big difference when you come home from work at 7 and have to get dinner started. Come learn the proper techniques, you’ll be amazed how much you can pick up in this four hour class. It will literally shift your entire approach to cooking. No more buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts when you can buy the entire chicken for a quarter of the price. Or overpriced fish filets when you can now get the whole fish. This almost always guarantees a fresher product that will result in a better dish. We’ll be slicing, dicing, boning and more. And of course, we’ll cook a huge feast with all of our mise en place.

Cooking Class



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