Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: KNIFE SKILLS: CHOP LIKE A PRO


  • Dice, julienne, brunoise, batonnet, citrus supremes, baby artichoke prep, etc.
  • Whole fish and poultry butchery
  • Knife maintenance: sharpening and honing your knives
  • Prep, cook and eat a four course meal (details below)

We offer our knife skills classes only a few times a year and they are always the fastest to sell out. This class is the most crucial for every home cook, beginner or advanced. You need to learn the proper techniques, then it’s really all about practice and repetition. The best way to improve is to spend four hours chopping the shit out of things…Everyone will have their own station with board and knife roll including a chef’s knife, pairing knife and boning knife. Everyone will get one on one time as well and have the opportunity to butcher poultry and a whole side of fish. Classes will be limited to fourteen people and we will also cook a four course feast with all of our practice cuts. The projected menu will be a Thai Snapper tartare with red grapes, lemongrass and lime oil. Citrus salad with avocados, jicama, and toasted cumin seeds. Poached baby artichokes with Meyer lemon, herbes fines and shaved Parmesan. Braised chicken with pancetta, San Marzano tomatoes and white wine.

Cooking Class



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