Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: KNIFE SKILLS: CHOP LIKE A PRO


  • Julienne, dice, brunoise, batonete, tournee, herb work
  • Intro to butchery: whole fish and poultry
  • Learn to sharpen, hone and maintain your knives
  • Cook a seasonal feast with all of our practice cuts

Everyone is always asking me when is the next knife skills class. Well here you go, just in time to get some new skills before the holidays. In this class, everyone will have their own station and their own set of sharp knives. Sharp is the key word here…you need to know how to maintain your knives to keep a sharp edge. Cooking with dull knives sucks and it’s dangerous too. You’ll learn how to better handle a chefs knife, a pairing knife and a boning knife. Learning how to clean and butcher whole fish nearly guarantees that you get fresher fish when you go to your fish market. Learning how to butcher poultry means you won’t have to spend $9.99 a pound for a chicken breast…We’re going to chop, slice, dice and more for four hours. You’ll work with herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. And we’ll cook a feast with all of our practice cuts. This class is for all levels, beginners and skilled home cooks.

Cooking Class



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