Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: KNIFE SKILLS: CHOP LIKE A PRO

September 29, 2017

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Julienne, dice, brunoise, batonnet and herbs
  • Intro to butchery including whole fish and chicken and stock making
  • Learn to sharpen, hone and maintain your knives
  • Cook a seasonal dinner with all of our practice cuts

Our Knife Skills class has become so popular so we are offering more of them. If you take one cooking class this year, it should be this one! In this class, everyone will have their own station and their own set of sharp knives. We’ll teach you how to sharpen and maintain your knives at home. You’ll learn how to better handle a chefs knife, a pairing knife and a boning knife. We’ll butcher whole fish and poultry and learn to make stock from scratch. We’re going to cover countless different cuts, you’re knife skills will improve 10 times in this four hour class. You’ll work with a wide variety of seasonal ingredients and we’ll prepare an amazing multi-course dinner with all of our practice cuts. This class is for all levels and a must attend for anyone who likes to cook.

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