Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: GO FISH

February 28, 2020

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Poke with Yellowfin tuna loin, white soy, shiso and spicy mayo
  • Warm mussel and citrus salad with Thai basil, watercress, mint and tangerine vinaigrette
  • Thai green coconut curry with local Black Cod, winter squash and Jasmine rice
  • Brown butter cake with apples, honey and salted caramel

Go Fish is our all fish cooking class. Frankly, the biggest challenge of all for home cooks is getting good quality fish at retail shops. We recommend your local farmers market these days for fresh fish or if you live in SF, Nijiya market in Japan Town is great. This time of year, we are getting amazing tuna loins from Hawaii for the Poke. We have good local mussels but we often opt for mussels from Prince Edward Island (PEI) for their size and taste. Especially for this awesome winter mussel and citrus salad. The real star here is learning how to make an amazing Thai green coconut curry from scratch. We should still be getting beautiful local Black Cod from Bolinas for this dish. We’ll also use local Rockfish and learn how to filet the whole fish.

Cooking Class



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