Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: GO FISH

December 6, 2019

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Smoked trout mousse, Josey Baker rye, pickled grape, dill and toasted caraway
  • Warm mussel salad with Little Gem lettuces, citrus supremes, Thai basil, mint and orange-shallot glaze
  • Miso Black Cod with carrot-ginger puree, grilled broccoli, chili oil and garlic chives
  • Grapefruit panna cotta with Makrut lime and candied walnuts

Go Fish will be our last public class for 2019 since December is fully booked for holiday parties. Frankly, the biggest challenge of all for home cooks is getting good quality fish at retail shops. We recommend your local farmers market these days for fresh fish or if you live in SF, Nijiya market in Japan Town is great. This time of year, we have local Black cod from Bolinas that is just incredible. We have local mussels as well but we often opt for mussels from Prince Edward Island (PEI). This class is also all about the first crop of winter citrus which we’ve been waiting excitedly for. We’ll be using local citrus in every dish including Meyer lemons, Mandarins, Yuzu, grapefruits and Makrut limes and lime leaves.

Cooking Class



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