Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: GO FISH

October 4, 2019

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Smoked trout mousse with Josey Baker rye, cured egg yolk, everything spice and chives
  • Grilled Monterey Bay squid with Italian butter beans, wild arugula salsa verde and Castelvetrano olives
  • Local Rockfish filet with grilled broccoli di cicco and Early Girl tomato vinaigrette
  • House made ice cream sundaes with salted caramel, chocolate sauce and cacao nibs

Our Go Fish class is back for an end of summer pescatarian celebration, this is our annual fish only class that everyone loves. Fish can be one of the more challenging proteins for home cooks to prepare so this is a great class to come and hone your skills. Did I mention that we get AMAZING fish! The first course is an absolutely addictive smoked trout spread that is perfect for any occasion and a natural pairing with rye bread and egg. The next course is one of my favorite dishes as we’ll learn how to clean, prep and cook local squids. Paired with Iacopi Farms butter beans, olives and herbs this dish is perfection with a cold glass of Rose. The main course is our local Rock fish which you will learn to filet a whole fish and cook delicately with a delicious pairing of smoky grilled broccoli and an earthy and umami rich local tomato vinaigrette. After a three course, all fish menu, let’s indulge the kid in all of us with a grown-ups version of an ice cream sundae.

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