Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: GLUTEN FREE COOKING


  • Dungeness crabmeat marinated in basil infused coconut milk with cucumber rounds
  • Mixed vegetable risotto with aged Parmesan and house made chili oil
  • Spice crusted pork tenderloin with “melted” fennel puree and slow cooked cherry condiment
  • Drunken strawberries in Italian dessert wine

There’s more people then ever who are avoiding gluten in their diets. And I feel for you because most of the gluten free products on the market aren’t that great. But these products attempt to replace gluten while I’d prefer to just skip it all together. Let’s just make great, fresh food and use ingredients that don’t have gluten in it. We live in the best place on earth for high quality fruits, vegetables, meats, fishes, etc. The options are endless, in this class we’ll teach you four dishes that are versatile and delicious. You might even forget all about pizza by the end…

Cooking Class



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