Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: FARM TO TABLE

July 22, 2016

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Eggplant agrodolce with currants, tomatoes, burrata cheese and shaved dark chocolate
  • Wild shrimp and sweet corn risotto with blistered cherry tomatoes, basil oil and Parmesan
  • Slow cooked Berkshire boneless pork loin with grilled corn and miso butter, chive batons and wilted greens
  • Roasted peaches with Riesling wine, creme fraiche, mint and candied hazelnuts

We continue to offer one Farm to Table class per season and many say that our summer one is the best. I personally love them all but it’s hard to beat eggplants, tomatoes, corn, basil, peaches and more. This four course menu is just loaded with summer’s bounty coming directly from the very best farms we know. Whenever we teach a risotto in class people are really excited. It’s not that it’s hard but the truth is it’s rarely done correctly. From the quality and selection of which type of stock to make and use, to the soffritto, the timing and the garnishes it is all crucial to creating a light and perfectly seasoned dish. This one pairing corn, shrimp and tomatoes is really elegant. The first courses sweet and sour eggplant has it’s roots in Sicily where the long, warm days really ripen the eggplants beautifully. Working with sweet and sour flavors to strike the perfect, savory balance is what cooking is all about. Pile this onto some fresh burrata with slices of grilled bread (and a hint of shaved dark chocolate for a bitter twist) and you’ll be hard pressed to do better…

Cooking Class


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