Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: FARM TO TABLE

March 13, 2020

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Deviled eggs with preserved Meyer lemon and everything spice
  • Jumbo asparagus with green goddess sauce, egg yolk “bottarga” onion soubise and Miner’s lettuce
  • Imperial Farms domestic Wagyu beef with asparagus puree and seared King Trumpet mushrooms
  • Poached pear with cornmeal crumbs and candied Buddha’s hand

Just the hint of spring time in the Bay Area is enough to get every cook excited. Each week there’s starting to be something new, fresh and interesting at the farmer’s market to help you forget how tired you were of eating Brussels sprouts all winter. This menu touches upon so many flavors, textures and techniques that you are going to love. The first course is a fresh take on the classic and irresistible deviled egg, these will be the new star of your next dinner party. By now we should start hopefully seeing the very first of Zuckerman Farms asparagus if the weather is cooperating, fingers crossed! Our third course will feature Imperial Farms beef, the quality of which will blow your mind. We’ll get the grill fired up for these! And for our sweet finale, a perfect poached pear from Frog Hollow Farms.

Cooking Class



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