Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: “EATALY” ITALIAN COOKING


  • Burrata, olives, wild arugula and grilled bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Wild shrimp with polenta, torn basil, Parmesan and chili oil
  • Oven roasted meatballs with San Marzano tomato sauce
  • Fig and hazelnut biscotti

Every day people ask me what are my favorite things to eat. Well this menu is pretty much it! Along with roast chicken and pizza, I can think of few dishes more satisfying than these. I was raised on NY Italian and to make this food with California ingredients is nearly as good as it gets. If you’ve been to Italy, then you know their cuisine is all about using great, seasonal ingredients and correct technique to elevate simple dishes to pure brilliance. Burrata is pretty much cheese heaven. Dress it with some of your best olive oil, some peppery arugula, salty olives and grilled bread and this could easily be my last supper. We get some of the sweetest shrimp you’ve ever tasted from our fish supplier. Paired with hours of hand stirred, creamy polenta this is my take on shrimp and grits… Meatballs are pretty en vogue these days which is nice cause they’re freakin’ delicious. In this class you’ll also learn how to make the best tomato sauce you’ve ever had. This recipe has been passed down to me by well…no one. It’s my own but I’d put it up against any one of your nonnas. And for dessert, a perfect sweet and salty biscotti. This’ll be a feast!

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