Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: ITALIAN COOKING

April 3, 2020

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Ham and cheese “sandwich”, black truffle butter, Brioche bread
  • Burrata and early spring vegetable salad, toasted hazelnuts, chicories, Sciabica’s XVOO
  • Anson Mills creamy polenta with seared King Trumpet mushrooms, shaved asparagus and 24 month aged Parmigiano
  • Coffee granita with cinnamon cream and shaved dark chocolate

This Italian style cooking class that everyone can’t get enough, might be our favorite menu yet for 2020. Starting with our mini ham and cheese sandos cooked in black truffle butter that we make from last years left over black truffle shavings. This is the best comfort food you have ever had! Next up is our Gioia burrata dish that will be composed of whatever is popping off at the farmer’s market that day. We’ll be looking for contrasts in flavors and textures to make this memorable. This year, how about learning how to finally make real polenta and not that crap in a hard log in the grocery store? This creamy polenta will be stirred for a minimum of three hours and will certainly be a revelation. For dessert, the perfect ending is this coffee granita. It will be decaf, we promise you won’t be up all night.

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