Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: DECEMBER DINNERS

December 14, 2014

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Yellowfin tuna tartare with avocado mousse, sesame and seaweed
  • Ribollita with escarole, butter beans and spicy pork sausage
  • Crispy duck breast with pickled purple cabbage and Umbrian lentils
  • Panna cotta with burnt orange and chocolate

This is one of only two public classes we’ll be offering in December due to such a packed schedule for corporate and private holiday parties. But it’s a good one!!! The first course features Yellowfin tuna #1 from Hawaii. Unfortunately the demand for tuna got so huge in the 90’s that most of it is of poor quality now. But when you get the good stuff, you remember why it became popular in the first place. Next is a Italian style bread soup with Iacope Farms beans, wilted escarole and pork with a healthy splash of local extra virgin olive oil. For the main course we’ll learn to perfectly cook duck breast, rendering the fat slowly to allow the skin to crisp while cooking the meat a perfect medium rare. And a panna cotta (cooked cream) for dessert.

Cooking Class



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