Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: DATE NIGHT AT JORDAN’S KITCHEN


  • Warm mussel salad with oranges, wild arugula, basil and mint
  • Pan seared Brussels sprouts with Red Fresno chili, preserved lemon and toasted walnuts
  • Slow roasted Berkshire pork loin with Dijon mustard, garlic and herbs
  • Poached pears with vanilla bean, white wine, lemon and rosemary

The first date night class at Jordan’s Kitchen was so fun that we’re making it a regular event every few months. The feedback was unanimous, everyone got some action afterwards. Lots of bottles of wine were drunk and the food was fantastic. This class menu is perfect for cooks of all levels. If you’re looking for something new, interactive and fun to do with your sweetie, this cooking class is it!

Cooking Class



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