Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: JORDAN’S KITCHEN DATE NIGHT

January 17, 2015

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Warm mussel salad with citrus, endive, mint and reduced orange vinaigrette
  • Cauliflower soup with smoky toasted cumin seeds, Dungeness crab meat, chives and lime oil
  • Marin Sun Farms chicken with potato puree, crispy Brussels sprouts and roasted chicken glaze
  • Lemon tart with Meyer lemon sabayon, lavender flower and hazelnuts

Once or twice a year we make the class theme “date night.” I mean, we’ve all gone to restaurants on dates a million times so why not something a little more fun, memorable and interactive? Perfect for foodies whether you are a great home cook or a lousy one (usually couples have one of each). There’s always much to learn and plenty of wine to be drunk. In this four hour class, we’ll cover a sophisticated but approachable four course menu. Some of the highlights will include learning how to cut citrus supremes, making one of the most incredible soups you have ever had that will blow your mind once you see how simple it is, eating local crab (of course), learning how to actually make chicken delicious (just stop overcooking it), and a sauce to eat by the spoonful. All are welcome, I’m happy to be your date if you come solo.

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