Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: COOKING WITH SPANISH FLAVORS

August 19, 2016

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Fresh fig salad with Cana de Cabra goat cheese mousse, Marcona almonds, fresh herbs and sherry vinegar
  • Early Girl tomato gazpacho with sweet peppers, cucumber, Spanish olive oil and finely diced green apple
  • Mixed seafood with Romesco sauce (roasted red peppers and almonds)
  • Grilled bread with melted dark chocolate, olive oil, shaved white chocolate and sea salt

These Spanish dishes have big, bold flavors and aren’t shy with the olive oil either. Did you know that Spain actually exports more olive oil to the U.S. then Italy? And many would argue the quality is superior. In this class we will take traditional dishes and make them our own with some “cheffy” twists. There are so many regional cuisines in Spain, all extremely prideful of their local dishes. Do you prefer Madrid or Catalan, tapas or larger plates, Rioja or Ribera Del Duero? We will dabble into many of these questions, experientially of course. Some of my best food memories come from my time traveling and cooking in Spain when I was younger but none can ever beat climbing enormous, hundred year old fig trees and eating raw figs for hours and days. Come cook, eat and drink your way through some of Spain’s freshest and most delicious dishes.

Cooking Class



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