Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: CELEBRATE WILD SALMON

June 21, 2014

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Smoked salmon with roasted Fingerling potato, whipped creme fraiche and chives
  • Salmon tartare with diced cucumber, shaved radish, tarragon and lemon oil
  • Pan seared salmon with sweet corn and cherry tomato “salsa”
  • Peaches baked in Riesling with Indian spices and crumbled Amaretti cookies

Wild King salmon is one of California’s finest natural ingredients. It’s prized for its rich flavor, beautiful color and health benefits. What most people don’t realize because it’s available year round in super markets (so are tomatoes btw) is that it has a season and this is the ideal time to eat it. It’s an incredibly versatile fish and in this class we will use it three different ways. Smoked, served raw and cooked to a perfect medium rare. This early summer menu highlights local peaches, corn and cherry tomatoes as well. All ingredients that pair beautifully with wild King salmon.

Cooking Class



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