Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: CALIFORNIA CUISINE

March 7, 2015

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Asparagus with County Line lettuces, farm egg and herb vinaigrette
  • Iacopi Farm butter beans with spicy sausage, feta cheese and toasted breadcrumbs
  • Sonoma lamb with asparagus puree and roasted Fingerling potatoes
  • Chocolate brownie cake with orange butterscotch sauce

When I think of what California cuisine means to me it’s primarily the use of local ingredients with a nod towards Mediterranean sensibilities. Techniques however are widely borrowed and integrated from so many cultures. And really the priority is to cook delicious food that reflects how you feel. These are dishes that are clean, flavorful and what I love to eat. They showcase some of our best farmers market ingredients including asparagus, locally grown beans, cheese, lamb, citrus, eggs and more. This is food that I cook at home when friends and family come over.

Cooking Class



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