Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: CALIFORNIA CUISINE

March 8, 2019

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Scallop crudo, assorted citrus supremes, micro herbs, chili sauce and black salt
  • Jumbo asparagus, sieved egg, “green goddess” sauce, fried Panko, shaved radish
  • Roasted Petaluma chicken with garlic, butter and thyme, green apple and onion puree, roasted Brussels sprouts with tarragon, apple and pickled red onion
  • Apple, pear and brioche bread pudding with creme anglaise

When I think about why I moved to California and why I continue to live and run my business here nineteen years later nothing stands out more then the incredible food we have access to year round. It is such a privilege to cook in the Bay Area and while all of our classes pay homage to the great, local ingredients this one will focus on the style of cooking most of us take for granted by now. To me, California Cuisine is an ingredient driven style of cooking that emphasizes bright, fresh flavors, reminiscent of the Mediterranean but free to also borrow from and adapt other ideas and techniques. It is constantly pushing new boundaries, perhaps most commonly associated with Chez Panisse and Zuni Cafe but a far more modern version can be found at places like Manresa and Coi. Come prep, cook and eat a special four course California inspired menu with us.

Cooking Class



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