Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: CALIFORNIA CUISINE

September 7, 2018

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Knoll Farms organic figs with raspberry vinegar, goat cheese mousse, black sesame and micro basil
  • Pan seared wild sea scallops with sweet corn puree, cherry tomato jam and chili oil
  • Boneless center cut pork loin with grilled peaches and haricot vert with pickled shallots and roasted peppers
  • Dark chocolate brownie cake with chocolate, almond and sea salt brittle and salted caramel sauce

This end of the summer class is going to be an awesome one. We have to continue to enjoy all of our favorite summer ingredients before the are gone. Fresh ripe figs will be peaking so our first course will feature these paired with creamy goat cheese, toasted sesame and sweet and sour raspberry vinegar. This should be the last hurrah for corn but tomatoes will be in their prime and we’ll learn how to preserve them to create an especially memorable dish of pristine sea scallops with sweet corn and tangy tomato jam. You’ll be making this jam and storing it to use all winter long. Peaches will also be at their end so we’ll grill them to bring out the nuances of flavor. Stone fruit pairs great with the richness of this Berkshire pork breed. And a decadent chocolate dessert to finish!

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