Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: CAL-MED CUISINE


  • Parmesan crisps with shaved jumbo asparagus, lemon, wild flowers and fresh herbs
  • Bucatini with Little Neck clams, San Marzano tomato, roasted garlic and chili oil
  • Grilled Flat Iron steak with sweet pea puree and heirloom carrots with cumin seed vinaigrette
  • Chocolate brownie cake with raspberry mousse

California cuisine pulls from so many regions but none more than the Mediterranean. The similarities in our growing climate make it a natural inspiration. First and foremost, it’s always about showcasing the ingredients. This class will allow us to work with some great stuff. We’ll teach you how to make the most delicious Parmigiano Reggiano crackers and top them with shaved jumbo asparagus dressed with lemon and herbs. Then we’ll make an epic Italian clam sauce by steaming the clams and using all of the clam liquor to mix with San Marzano tomatoes, garlic and chili to coat the bucatini. This is one of the gazillion perfect dishes that comes from Italy. Flat Iron steak is a cut you need to know about, it’s the best of both worlds. It has great texture without giving up flavor (yes I’m calling out filet). Tell you the truth, the sides to this main course are worth the price of admission on their own. You will remake these dishes again and again. And a great chocolate and fruit dessert to finish off a beautiful meal. I think chocolate goes better with raspberries then any other fruit. This mousse is sooooo good.

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