Jordan's Kitchen Cooking Class: JORDAN’S FAVORITES: ASIAN FLAVORS

February 26, 2016

5:30 pm - 9:30 pm


  • Pork belly with 5 spice peanuts, hoisin, Asian pear, cucumber and lime
  • Rice noodles with black sesame, shiso pesto and yuzu
  • Clams with spicy broth, garlic chives, white wine and miso butter
  • Jasmine rice pudding with crystalized ginger, tangerine zest and shaved dark chocolate

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone in the kitchen and work with new flavors. Everyone loves going to their local sushi bar or izakaya but most home kitchens never explore any of these great ingredients in the Asian pantry. It’s hard to choose just four dishes but I think you will love these. Learn to cook pork belly at home (it’s way easier then you think) and pair it with crunchy, aromatic Asian pear, hoisin and fried peanuts. Next is a cold noodle dish using shiso instead of basil for the “pesto” sauce. I love the flavors of shiso and you will too! Then a huge steaming hot bowl of clams with the most fragrant and briny broth. And a comforting rice pudding with some twists for dessert.

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