It’s cherry season so I wanted to share this classic French country style dessert. These are the kind of desserts I love to make at home. They showcase the local fruit without manipulating it too much; they’re simple, delicious and satisfying. Perfect for the home cook.

Cherry Clafoutis
1.25 pounds cherries, ripe
Softened butter, to grease baking dish
¾ cup sugar
7 large eggs
1 cup heavy cream
½ cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon confectioner sugar
1 ounce bittersweet chocolate (optional)

With a paper towel, coat the bottom and sides evenly of your baking dish or ramekins, whichever you are using with butter. Pour one quarter cup sugar over the butter and move it about until it is evenly coating the baking dish. Remove any excess sugar and put the cherries into the baking dish in one even layer. You want to cover the entire surface area with cherries. Please leave the pits in tact as they contain a wonderful almond like flavor. Have you ever heard of Noyaux? It’s cherry pit ice cream…

In the bowl of a Kitchen Aid or other mixer, combine five eggs and two egg yolks with the remaining half cup of sugar. You can save the additional whites for a different use. Mix with the whisk attachment on medium high until pale and thickened, about two minutes. Add the cream and the flour and mix to combine. Pour the batter over the cherries until just shy of the top, the mixture will rise a little bit in the oven due to the eggs. Bake in a 350F oven until fragrant, golden brown and set, about forty minutes. Remove and let cool for twenty minutes or so and serve dusted with confectioners sugar and dark chocolate if using. We serve this in gratin dishes large enough for two people to share. Makes enough to fill five dishes and serves ten.

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Jordan Schachter

The majority of my childhood memories took place in the neighborhood pizzeria. My friends all called me “Slim” but as I recall I could eat any of them under the table. In college, I discovered a strong interest in sustainable agriculture while working on organic farms. It was during this time that I cultivated my appreciation and respect for the highest quality, farm fresh ingredients. Ever since I have identified with a strong desire to feed people and this is what would lead me to cooking and the hospitality industry. For a few years after college, I was able to travel extensively exploring the cuisines and culinary traditions of Europe, Asia and Central and South America. In 2001 I moved to San Francisco, CA and shortly after began working as a private chef while staging from time to time at some of the cities great local restaurants. In 2008 I began teaching hands on cooking classes in the Bay Area as a way to share my passion and knowledge with others. The classes have been sold out ever since and we have had the privilege to host home cooks from all over the world. Teaching has been an incredible way for me to connect with and also learn from others. Our mission is to build and nourish community through the joy of cooking and eating with one another.

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  1. We made this dish when we took our cooking class in San Francisco at Jordan’s Kitchen. We loved it so much we made it for friends on returning and now, whenever we are invited to a covered-dish dinner (pretty common in the Midwest), they beg us to bring this dessert. We serve it with Vanilla bean ice cream or sometimes just with whipped cream. This is one of those desserts that, if you make it once, you’ll be making it the rest of your life!

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