Jordan Schachter Jordan's Kitchen

Chef Jordan has been running Jordan's Kitchen since 2008. He worked as a private Chef in San Francisco before one fateful night ten years ago when his friends were over for dinner. After an entire evening spent in the kitchen cooking and talking food, Eric said matter of factly, "Jordan, you should teach cooking classes." Just like channeling Yoda, he continued "there's no better way to codify your knowledge then to teach it." And I thought sure; why not? Yeah, I'll do that. So I did...and what do you know? It's blossomed into an amazing business. Teaching became the perfect way for me to share my love to entertain, to connect with others, to facilitate and organize amazing experiences and to offer my passion and knowledge of food and cooking. It's been a dream come true, literally. I've grown this business one person at a time and here we are ten years later with an incredible SoMa kitchen and event space, hosting hundreds of amazing companies and thousands of food lovers each year. And none of this would ever be possible without our talented team.

Our goal at Jordan's Kitchen is to create the highest quality, most personable cooking and dining experience in the Bay Area. Through the immense joys of cooking and eating together, we are making the world a better place. I'm inspired daily by all of our bright and talented guests/clients, by all of the organic farmers and our local farmers markets, by nature and all of its wild plants and wild animals, by making people happy, and most especially by my wife and my two daughters.

I look forward to welcoming you to Jordan's Kitchen!

"Meeting Jordan was like meeting the sun: bright and highly pleasant, and he rivals Anthony Bourdain as someone you just want to hear talk and talk about food." –Dan N.
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